What to Do in an Accident

In our modern society of mass commutes, accidents are a common daily event. Accidents are sudden and stressful. Emotions are high. However, be polite so as to not escalate matters. Follow the following steps to help you get the help you need.

  1. Take a deep breath and try to remain calm.
  3. If minor accident, move your vehicle out of traffic to a place of safety.
  4. Turn off your engine. Turn on your hazards. If appropriate, use any other warning cones or triangles to prevent a second accident.
  5. Make notes of the accident – date, time, location, witnesses, etc.
  6. Request the other driver’s license, registration and proof of insurance. Take photographs or detail notes – name, address, phone number, driver’s license number, license plate number, automobile insurance company, policy number, etc.
  7. Take photographs of the damage to your vehicle, damage to the other person’s vehicle and the relative positions of the vehicles.
  8. If a police officer has responded to the scene, FOLLOW THE POLICE OFFICER’S INSTRUCTIONS. Make sure to obtain the police officer’s name, police officer’s badge number, phone number and report number,
  9. Do not sign any documents at the scene unless it’s for the police or emergency personnel.

When it’s safe, call your insurance company to report the claim.

Once you are home, make sure to save your notes and photographs in a safe place. If possible make copies. If you used your telephone camera to take your pictures, email the pictures to yourself in case you lose your phone or upgrade.

Make an appointment with your doctor if you feel any pain. YOUR HEALTH SHOULD BE YOUR PRIORITY. It’s beneficial to your health and your case to seek medical attention to determine your injuries.

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